Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Real Beauty

Today in my gender class we watched a couple of the dove campaign for real beauty ads.  I know that it is maybe Dove trying to get people to buy their product through ethos... but I really do not care.  I still like it a lot.  This one is cute...

Dove real beauty-- "Amy"

A picture that I really liked from the real beauty campaign (older women can just be so beautiful!! I envy how they seem so full of wisdom and refined and just great..... like this woman)

Also a friend showed me this link from the Oprah website about "I enjoy being a broad."  I read it awhile ago, but I just reread it and really enjoy it AND think that it is funny.  If you are a true broad... read on!

I Enjoy Being a Broad- Oprah

Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling full of life

When I went to Colorado I went hiking alone one day when it was raining.  It was just one of those times when you feel so completely alive and made for the world and like the world was made for you.  My video may be a tad on the over the top side, but it was just such a great moment and I wanted to always remember it!

I also plan on living in Colorado next summer so anyone else is welcome to join!

Cinnamon Spice Tea

This is the best kind of tea that was ever made in the world.

Whenever I drink it my day is better.

Harney and Sons tea

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kate Nash Iowa City!

Today Megan told me that Kate Nash is coming to Iowa city in November and I was so happy that I immediately bought tickets.

Ahhhh. I can not wait to hear her sing about dickheads and shit and pumpkin soup and paris!!

Where to buy tickets?


So I decided to make a blog.  Mostly inspired by Megan Ranegar because I lover her blog so much and blogging seems fun! And also another great way to pass the time or take study breaks.  I am unsure of what to blog about so I feel the weekends camping trip would be appropriate.  I do not know that the "camping is fun" title is quite appropriate, but camping is definitely funNY.  I greatly appreciate arriving a half hour late to a tent that was already set up and food already being cooked on the fire.  Although it is very possible that I ingested foil or char because since the camping trip severe indigestion has occurred.  It was two days ago.  I think my favorite part of the camping trip was the night time hike.  Despite coming back covered in burs and sweat it was really pretty and the moon and stars were pretty incredible.  Plus it was just fun to know I was camping.  It is kind of funny to get older.  For example, I always had this idea of how camping would be in my head and then I went camping and I was camping.  I think I build things up to be these huge things and then I do them and it's like, "okay, now I'm camping." Anyhow, I also have strong gratitude towards the crickets and secadas for providing live nighttime music until 5 am-- I was happy to lie awake on the ground listening to it.  Who likes to sleep anyhow??  Also I was really thankful to have Kate, Megan, Jake, and Paul.  They made camping much more fun and they were great campers!!

I am happy I went camping.