Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yesterday I was at home for the first time in a while and I wanted to do EVERYTHING. I soon realized that doing nothing was far far better.  When I first arrived I found that everything was different and fortunately there was a great addition to the bedroom!!! There was a new pillow that defined the word laughter for me.

According to the pillow laughter is the experience of amusement or joy!!!

I next decided to watch eat, pray, love with my mom and dog.  I realized I think I must have a dog when I live alone after college because they are just so so loving. That was a wonderful part of the day.

Then I decided to get FUNKY. By "getting funky" I mean only that I did things I had never done before.  I found out we have a coffee maker where you put a pouch in and press a button and it makes coffee immediately.  It can also produce espresso and tea all of these WITH FOAM!!! Bad news- it seems kinda bad for the environment. SHIZ.

A great new discovery in the home!!! My sister brought me home bubble bath which was not bubble bath at all but a powder that created weird rashes.  Then I got in the shower and pressed a button and it turned into a steam room!!! Sweet.  So I decided to create my own hot yoga room.  I began doing usual yoga stretches and it actually was way more flexible and easier to stretch when it was really warm.

It was kinda weird doing yoga naked in my parents shower.

Then it became impossible to breath and I thought I was going to faint. My body and hair were dripping wet and I had not even turned on the shower yet.  I decided it is a new invention of a way to train for track meets when they decide to have them in locations where the temperature on the track in 105 degrees and no one competing can breathe or think.  That is what the steam room felt like! PERFECT SOLUTION>$$#!%!!!!

Good things that happened since being home!

Having asparagus quiche was a REALLY good thing

My friend showed me the greatest youtube video of all times!!!

Also I got to share coffee with good friends and just see people! I am happy I was able to see people.  Also a good thing was going with my mom to volunteer.  There is a group that teaches English to refugees and it was a learning experience for me.  I was so frustrated because I wanted to be able for them to understand and I know they were frustrated that we could not understand.  I went to the library and printed the common translations for the leading Ethiopian language and brought them back but it was not the correct dialect.  I was able to see how grateful I am that I can communicate with the people around me.  All the refugees were very smart wonderful people but were so limited because they could not speak our language.  I wish I could speak all languages!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emily dickinson

So the other day I decided to stay in the public library for hours reading books after eating a very inspiring chocolate truffle.  I came across emily dickinson, whom when forced to read in high school I loathed, but now I have quite a liking for her poetry....

this is her letter to the world

Letter to the world with beautiful music