Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home baked Pop Tarts!

So I have been wanting to try these for a while.  I was moving so I needed to get rid of some ingredients, and I had some raspberry jam from the farmer's market! Thanks to Megan Ranegar, I became addicted to the website food gawker and found tons of outstanding recipes on thuuur. I did not have the cut out so they did not look quite as perfect as the picture but still really good!

Here is the recipe: Homemade pop tarts!

I actually changed the strawberry to raspberry! I also would not recommend toasting these things in a toaster- they don't quite fit! But the oven works well!

Des Moines Art Center

So today I am in Des Moines.  We went to the Art Center and I realized it was such a find! The great things about the art center:

1.The new exhibit, "Surface Value," was really cool.  It combined three different artists works and is one of my favorite yet.  Here is one of the works made entirely of wood.

2. There is a beautiful rose garden.

3. The Art Center restaurant is amazing.  There are a lot of outdoor seating options and it is so beautiful.  The menu also changes weekly to include fresh seasonal options.  There is always a salad, soup. sandwich, pasta, and fabulous deserts. I had this:


Brown and wild rice, quinoa, green lentils, sweet potatoes, and apricots, tossed and served over greens, topped with tamarind-cumin vinaigrette, and apple-mint yogurt raita

And of course... Green Ginseng Apple Tea : D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

You can make yourself out to be this really awesome person. You can like all these really fantastic things and be so cool, but really, none of it matters.  WHat is anything if you can't share it with other people? I think I would so much rather have a life marked by love and compassion then one that is so spectacular and unique but so alone that there is no one to share it with.  This is just a thought.  COOL ideas that would be super fun to do with others!

Go to the Iowa City downtown sidewalk sale July 14-16 and stop in White Rabbit's awesome new store to get $1 donuts and honey lattes.....

Have another wine and cheese night because they NEVER GET OLD.

(whoops its sideways)

Listen to the new bon iver cd on repeat and lay on the couch or go to Kalona Amish Village and get some great homemade goods that people put a lot of care into!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Homemade ice cream :)

So I was craving ice cream, but not wanting to spend money.  Here is what I did! Mix a cup or so of half and half, a half cup of sugar mixed with brown sugar, a frozen banana, and your favorite frozen fruit.  I used raspberries and blackberries with some basil.  Then put it all in the food processor and let freeze for about thirty minutes! Mix with your favorite granola and it's done!!