Monday, January 16, 2012

With only hours left of Christmas break, I felt I had to do several final things that are really time consuming and I will never be up for during the school year.  One of these was baking French macaroons!

My first attempt was failed, as was the first batch of the second attempt. But after three grocery store trips, five straight hours, and a stomach ache from eating too much of the batter I ended up with some pretty ones!

Bottom line: I still have not perfected the art, but French Macaroons are so delectable! If you have time and some spare funds (almond flour is pricy!) then I would give it a go!

Some resources:

I used this book and followed instructions for French macaroons filled with chocolate coconut ganache.

Au revoir!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happiness.... is not self made.
You can not search for it,
and it only appears once you finally give up.
Sometimes being at the bottom is really being at the top.
And remembering you are nothing makes life really something.

The morning was an awful achy earliness. But then I walked outside and my o my. The man right next to me said, "There is a God." And I once again believed in life.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Recent Obsession: Tartletts

I get obsessed with lots of things.  Recently these have included The White Stripes, laying in bed and reading, and poaching eggs.  But I would have to say the biggest is making mini tartletts. After receiving a food processor for Christmas I had to find the perfect first use!

The first day I made mini walnut tartletts! They used an ingredient I hadn't before baked with (Anise) which was shaped like a star.

I followed THIS RECIPE on smitten kitchen for 'the great unshrinkable pie crust.'
Then, also from smitten kitchen I found these: MINI WALNUT TARTLETTS

They were so tasty!

In fact, I loved them SO MUCH that I had to keep going.  The next day I made mini quiche tartletts.  I think I favored the walnut tartletts, but these were still awesome! I have a lot of experience with eggs so I did not use much of a recipe but what was in the fridge!

Mini quiches: roasted vegggies I had on hand (beets, sweet potatoes, garlic), then made the same pie crust as with the walnut tartletts.  I put the veggies in and poured an egg/cream/basil mixture to fill the mini pie crusts and topped with crumbled feta!


Perfect for a New Years Eve dinner party!

Happy New Year!