Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nuun Support for **Goethals 24 hour Challenge**

Hey Folks;
As many of you know, the Goethals family doesn't give up. 
In light of recent happenings surrounding Diane's illness, the family and community are rallying.
It's when the going gets tough.... that the tough get going.

Because there is so much love for this family, people are really willing to participate in the event (a 24 hour soccer game), and a large portion of funds are being raised! Please, if you are able, think about how you can help as well.

In order to raise money, the event 'Goethals 24 hour challenge' is soon to take place. To find out more about this event see HERE

In order to make an actual donation see HERE

Another way to make a donation is through the company Nuun who is partnering with the 24 hour challenge. Any time you make a 4 pack purchase through the month of August, you will receive a Susan G. Komen water bottle, and  50% will be donated to the 24 hour challenge as long as you use this code:


It is honestly amazing to see the community rally in support of this family. It's my understanding that Diane has given so much of her life to others, and it shows by how much support she is now receiving. All encounters I have had with the Goethals family have been wonderful, and I hope we can all work together to raise the money needed to cover the medical expenses!