Thursday, July 21, 2011

Des Moines Art Center

So today I am in Des Moines.  We went to the Art Center and I realized it was such a find! The great things about the art center:

1.The new exhibit, "Surface Value," was really cool.  It combined three different artists works and is one of my favorite yet.  Here is one of the works made entirely of wood.

2. There is a beautiful rose garden.

3. The Art Center restaurant is amazing.  There are a lot of outdoor seating options and it is so beautiful.  The menu also changes weekly to include fresh seasonal options.  There is always a salad, soup. sandwich, pasta, and fabulous deserts. I had this:


Brown and wild rice, quinoa, green lentils, sweet potatoes, and apricots, tossed and served over greens, topped with tamarind-cumin vinaigrette, and apple-mint yogurt raita

And of course... Green Ginseng Apple Tea : D

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