Friday, November 30, 2012


Today I made a significant life decision that was this:
Today I decided I am going to be awesome. 
(Or my version of awesome, that is.)

And shouldn't we all be? Though we can't always choose everything that happens to us in life we can choose most things, and the things we can not choose we can choose how to respond to.
Being awesome does not equal being happy all the time.

How to Be Awesome:
To make up your mind about what you are passionate about and chase it fiercely.
To be patient and persist through hard times knowing they are part of any process.
To forget who you were five years ago or yesterday and keep your eyes on who you want to be.
To embrace cheesy quotes full on and not give a damn what anyone else tries to define you as.
To not care or waste energy on things that don't matter.
To live fully in the present moment as much as possible and know it will help you in the future.
To accept that the people around you have so much more to teach you than you have for them.
To invest in people.
To take opportunities.
To not complain about situations but instead see how much more positive you can make them.
To trust that there is a greater plan.
To love.
To never give up even if it means pushing restart every single F***ing day for a year.
To do the things YOU want to do because that is the best way you can help the world.
To share yourself and your time.
To be afraid of things and do them anyway. Twice.
To be able to say no to things you don't want to do.
To create.
To live in a way you will enjoy remembering.
To surround yourself with the best people, not ones you only feel obligated to.
To have pink hair and tattoos if you so desire.

My awesome looks incredibly different than your awesome which is what is so great about this whole new mindset! I can say for certain I know I will forget this at times or get caught up in being hungry or tired or irritable or upset. But I can also say today was life changing, and it happened while I was sitting on the couch. Say what?

And with these words I will conclude:



  1. Betsyyyy this is so amazing! And I love your awesome! And you, and all of this. I think this may be my favorite post of yours :)

  2. WHOA you have the right idea. about life. whoa.

  3. Spot on Betsy...keep being AWESOME as God desires...