Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life Rawks

Holy WHOA schnikes.  Life is going by and happening so quickly.  Sometimes I forgot that this life has been given to me, but it is also mine.  It's easy to get in the routine hum drum lull of everyday.  This year we are really livin' life.  One day at a time.  I think it's pretty cool to remember we are nothing and only a mist that appears for a while with no significance, but AT THE VERY SAME TIME we are wholly fully alive and loved and made with a purpose.  I think this beautiful autumn weather has made me all sorts o' thankful. Thanks God!

Some ways I'm gonna live life this week (give it a try!)

Start planning (okay only daydreaming) about my road-trip I AM GOING TO TAKE to NYC next summer!

Go streaking

Try to enjoy every single moment because it will never come again

Write letters to all my penpals 

Donate some shiz!

Lay on the roof with all of my roommates

And mostly just be completely and totally weird and full of life because this life is mine and I don't care if it's totally odd!