Thursday, October 20, 2011

O no! Only two more months till winter...

Uh O. Cold weather is here to stay.  I so much love fall, but winter is a season where I don't participate in life (ineedtoworkonthis).  I can so clearly remember the day in March when I screamed with excitement at the fact that there were 9 more months until winter! But we cannot stop it, so here are some everyday essentials to bring a little warmth and joy!

Smart Wool: everything. It's awesome.

A space heater. This one is small but oscillating! 

An entire pot of tea of the daily. Yerba Matte anyone?

Other Ideas?

- An ugly knee to floor length coat- does anyone really care what you look like in winter?
- Dozens of the little wimpy gloves that cost .99 cents
- Oatmeal, soup, and fires.
- Snuggling.

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