Sunday, January 1, 2012

Recent Obsession: Tartletts

I get obsessed with lots of things.  Recently these have included The White Stripes, laying in bed and reading, and poaching eggs.  But I would have to say the biggest is making mini tartletts. After receiving a food processor for Christmas I had to find the perfect first use!

The first day I made mini walnut tartletts! They used an ingredient I hadn't before baked with (Anise) which was shaped like a star.

I followed THIS RECIPE on smitten kitchen for 'the great unshrinkable pie crust.'
Then, also from smitten kitchen I found these: MINI WALNUT TARTLETTS

They were so tasty!

In fact, I loved them SO MUCH that I had to keep going.  The next day I made mini quiche tartletts.  I think I favored the walnut tartletts, but these were still awesome! I have a lot of experience with eggs so I did not use much of a recipe but what was in the fridge!

Mini quiches: roasted vegggies I had on hand (beets, sweet potatoes, garlic), then made the same pie crust as with the walnut tartletts.  I put the veggies in and poured an egg/cream/basil mixture to fill the mini pie crusts and topped with crumbled feta!


Perfect for a New Years Eve dinner party!

Happy New Year!

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