Saturday, August 11, 2012


'Never commit your virtue or happiness to the future.  Happy work is best done by the man who takes his long term plans somewhat lightly and works from moment to moment as to the Lord.'

C.S. Lewis

That is a good reminder for me because right now I allow myself to be much more like these girls in the present moment

Sometimes it is hard to be motivated to do anything at all when you have nothing at all to do, but I think this is a time to remember all the good things that have happened and the blessings that already have been there all along! And it's always possible to find joy and happiness! Even if you pretend to hate life and be the grumpiest person ever, it is actually a choice! So come on self! And who am I kidding? No one seems to be feeling on top of the world at this moment. Everything is relative. 

And this too shall pass!



  2. haha i'm guessing that is from katherine?

  3. So, I have sent that song to a friend and listened to it to feel better in the past, but that was not me. It was the same person who used to post music comments on my blog!

    George is right though. Life flows on within you and without you too. Take that random letters, dashes, and numbers for trying to impersonate me!

    I love you Betsy and someone up above (:)) is always with you! Go outside when you can and look at the trees and the flowers and the sky and the clouds and if you have sunglasses on the many simple things but so many blessings! Let's talk soon so then I won't leave real long comments on your blog.

  4. haha yes that sounds good! I LOVE YOU!