Friday, October 19, 2012

Je suis Elizabet

I've been feeling a little french lately which inspired my unallocated shopping spree at the world market today....  

this French beignet recipe is on my mind (especially since it's made with kombucha squash), can someone please make it for me? I have realized I get really excited about recipes but having a mini fridge and toaster oven makes things a LITTLE difficult. 

and my goodness, J'aime la mode francaise!

Excusez moi, venez avec moi au Francais?!


  1. I have this feeling that 90% of Betsy Flood is beneath the surface 97% of the time. I have this feeling that nobody knows, I have this feeling that life is beautiful and expanding and as if this is the beginning of the discovery of all new things, all of the exciting, fantastical things which stir you inside your soul and which pry the world open with huge hands and makes the pit of your stomach jump all of a sudden, the universe to blow up, begin, slough into stars behind your eyes.

  2. By the way, who are you? I would really love to know!

  3. Do you have a mailing address? P.O. box? Most nearby post office?

    Or, if you prefer, an email address? Anything to help honor your request.