Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Being Normal is Another Way of Saying your not living up to your true potential"

True Life. Being normal sounds awful.  So today when I listened to rolling in the deep on repeat seven times while shouting it on my bike, I did not care when people stared. It was a beautiful night for a bike ride.

I also got to the bottom of my last homemade bread loaves so I wanted to do something special.  I found a recipe for Julia Child's wheat bread and could not live without attempting it.  It includes really unnecessary things like letting part of the recipe bubble and sit overnight, quartering the butter, and taking hours upon hours to let it rise in different stages.  I thought this sounded marvelous! What better way to spend a day than bake loaves of bread from JULIA CHILD?!?!?! 

I also read this verse today and loved it:

"Anyone who run ahead and does not continue in the teaching does not have God; whoever continues has the Father and the Son." -2 John 1:9

Lots and lots I try to run ahead in life and get so focused on the future that I do not live in the day by day and trust God with everything.  This was a nice reminder!

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