Sunday, May 1, 2011

True Love

True love. It's not love at first sight. It's not holding hands or kissing or going out to dinner. It's not buying expensive gifts or getting married or anything like that.  I feel true love when others reach out to me and show me how wonderful they are.  I feel so in love when my dog wants to cuddle up next to me, or when God shows me a remarkable skyline, or when my 8 year old sister makes me a homemade wallet that looks so incredibly homemade. I just feel so fortunate to have other people in my life.  The joy and love that I feel and experience from others is so strong and so amazing.  After self diagnosing myself with SAD (seasonally affected depression) I was feeling so down prior to this weekend, but now I feel so content. Why? It's because of the TRUE LOVE that I have gotten from other people.

1) I got to read Julia's and Katherin's blogs.  Katherin's made me laugh really hard, and Julia's really inspired me.  I feel so happy that I can learn from others and the faith that people share.  It's funny how sometimes you count out the wisdom of people younger than you even when it can be so powerful if you let down your pride.

2) I got to go home to Des Moines for the Drake Relays.  It was so fun to get to see all my old coachs and friends.  I also really appreciate the hearts of all the girls I get to compete against.  EVERYONE is so kind and gentle and happy for each other.  I am constantly inspired by the other girls in my races, and so happy I get to make new friends.

3) I met a young girl after my race who took my picture and wanted my autograph! She was totally Christ for me.  She made me feel so good about myself when really she was entirely amazing.  She won the state special olympics meet in the 400 and the 800 and her times were actually faster than mine when I was that age!

I just think God is so cool.  I have really been asking him to show me the things I can give up to become closer to Him.  It has been a big struggle, and it can be really uncomfortable, but I think by realizing my attachments to things, wealth, anxiety, obsession, etc. I have been able to see how I can let God be God and also realize the things that truly bring me joy.  The only graspable joy on this Earth is the love received and the love given by others



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  2. Yay! I really like this post and everything you said. I'm so excited to be roomates next year! Also I like all your comments on my blog :)