Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So here's the deal.

I have not blogged in quite some time.... but that's okay I think!

Since then some excitements have occurred!

On a very positive note I got a job (I think).  I am going in to "see if it works out" next week so I very much so hope it works out because it is at the Leaf Kitchen which is just simply the best place in the world. You can have tea parties there.

Right down the street is a wonderful hair salon called rumours.  I had a great hair stylist who took the pink out of my hair and she was just cool.  It took three hours and I never was unentertained.  She had Alice and Wonderland paintings tatooed on her arms and dread locks.  I kinda wanted to be her for a bit, but also was so thankful my hair is no longer bubblegum color (especially after Lady Gaga saw it and followed suit! sorry gaga...)

The most awesome thing: At the salon they offered me tea.  I kept trying to drink it as fast as possible without burning my tongue so I could have more.  It was the most wonderful tea ever. Shoulda figured Aveda knew how to do tea....

The library did me good:

You: Being Beautiful. The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty. It looks so good! I am really interested in the part about inner beauty and spirituality, but I could always use some face treatment tips as well!

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