Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life is not that Important.

So today I was thinking.  WEIRD. But I started to think about a bunch of different situations.  Like what if I was a waitress forever, or a runner forever, or a teacher, or a coach.  And then I realized life would pretty much be the same.  I would still every day come home and find happiness and try to serve.  There will never be a big red sign that says, "Hey Betsy,  this is exactly what you should do with your life." And so then I realized this was good.  We are all just a spoke in the wheel and together the world will function.  No matter what I choose to do or where I am led or how long I spend in certain places it will still be possible to find little amounts of joy every day and the majority of the good stuff in life is made up by encounters with others and making the best of what you have and just being content. So... that's pretty cool.

See. No matter what happens I can always do things like this! I think I really wanna make these tea container herb growing pots.

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