Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Survival Does Not Lie in the Heavens

The Des Moines Art Center restaurant is a commonplace for the Flood family, but what is usually less explored are the exhibits that make up most of the experience.  The art museum now features Dario Robleto's 'Survival Does Not Lie in the Heavens.' I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by his creativity and capacity to engage the viewer.

I was under the impression that much of the exhibit focused on the difference between life and death.  Though this piece is not currently in Des Moines, it seemed to fit the theme likewise.

I found lots of things to be ver intricate and detail oriented.  It could even be creepy the way he had humans tears and so much emphasis on death, but I chose not to see it that way.

This is only a preview, but I highly recommend visiting! Did I mention that the weekly restaurant feature was a Superfood Salad and Turkey Reuben ;)?

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