Friday, June 15, 2012

Kitchen: Salmon lettuce wraps

Cooking together during the school year happens..... sometimes.
Cooking together during the summer happens on the daily.
I don't know if I could ever get sick of eating dinner with my best friends picnic style outdoors. 
Yesterday we made Salmon lettuce wraps 
They were delicious

Salmon lettuce wraps (serves 4)

16 oz. wild caught salmon (we don't have a grill so we baked it in foil, but grill away if you have one!)
A head of lettuce
purple cabbage
green onions
lemon juice
sea salt

Cook the carrots and onions together and chop the jicama and purple cabbage.  Add lemon juice and sea salt to the cabbage/jicama bowl.  Use the large pieces of lettuce as the 'wraps' and fill with whatever you please!

Next up: Sweet potato pizza with cauliflower crust

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