Wednesday, July 4, 2012


How do you celebrate independence day when you don't yet have any friends, your job hasn't started, and the city has banned fireworks because of local wildfires?

Well there are many ways.

But mostly: you bake away your lonliness and the day gets better.

recipe #1 (my pride and joy) 

It is a traditional food among Swedish americans and since my new neighbor is from Sweden, it seemed poifect. Except that she was out of town so I gave it to my roommates who are all gluten and dairy intolerant. (Sorry!) O well. It was a lot of fun to braid and now I have a reason to make more!

BEET chips. If you have ever read my blog before you know I'm obsessed with beets. Beet chips were so easy using only beets, olive oil, and salt! A bit hard to slice thin enough, but definitely possible with persistence!

And lastly, some Berry Oatmeal muffins. Mostly just to at least make one thing that was red, white, and blue. And to snack on. But worth making I'd say!


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  1. Oh Betsy! You will always have friends wherever you go. Glad to see that you're settling in and we wish you the very best on the next leg of your life. Be well and BE HAPPY!