Sunday, July 8, 2012

Colorado is rad

Since my last post was about leaving Iowa City, my new post will be about arriving in Boulder! I have been here for about a week, and the first couple days were lonely but things seem to be coming along quite nicely now if I may say so.  There are a lot of people that are similar to me, and I can't say I do mind!

My home for July has it's own garden and compost center (conveniently located right outside the kitchen window for easy food dumping)

The local whole foods is only a mile away and conveniently located next to Goodwill! How nice that I happened to stop in on half price day and find this tea kettle/water heater for only $1.

I hear in this town you can become a yoga junkie and gets bunch of free yoga at different places if your new.  However, I am hooked already on Core Power.  Yoga sculpt with weights? Thats steam room + weights + stretching all fit into one hour. Never mind the amount I sweat and breathe in comparison to the regular patrons.

CORE POWER is a national yogie chain, so you should be certain to check it out! The first week is free:)

I tried out a couple local run clubs.  Boulder Trail Runners is free and I got to run with three men in there fifties and find a new trail! However, I think I preferred the Boulder Track Club with a little bit of a younger crowd and some people to push the pace!

And alas I've already found some of my favorite spots:

SPRUCE CONFECTIONS is lovely and wireless free to encourage conversation and the arts. I loved this idea!

The Boulder farmer's market was one of a kind! And who knew I would find name brands that are Colorado local like Udi's, Noosa, and Papoosa? Check out the vendors HERE

BEEHIVE GOODNESS has a website a bit under construction but it's where I'm soon to be spending lots of time as a server! Local, organic, French-inspired?! Too good to be true.

 I'll be expectin' a stop by when all you blog followers come visit me in Boulder, Colorado!


  1. So jealous of your new adventures as well!!! Udi's is sort of my fave so I don't buy it anymore because I eat so much of it so quickly! I also want to see the trails/farmers market/all the other rad things!!!! If only teleportation was possible!

  2. You put the "rad" in Colorado :)