Friday, July 20, 2012

new findings

There are some things I have started to really like about my new city of Boulder, Colorado.

I am quite fond of the farmer's market for one.  It's crazy to me that the local farmer's market has brands like Udi's, Noosa, and Papoosa.

 (the image found when googling Noosa. This must be the cow that EVERY yogurt container comes from ).

I recently found out one of the best concert locations IN THE NATION is only forty minutes from home. Red rocks amphitheater anyone?

Ingrid, GOTYE, Nora, Pretty lights, Jason Mraz, and Devotchka? That is only for the next month!
Check out the schedule here:

I am also very fond of the grocery store selection.  I love Whole Foods, but let's get real, with one bag at sixty dollars this store must be saved for special occasions and sales. What about SPROUTSALFALFAS, and SUNFLOWER MARKET? Can anyone say bulk bins? I can. They are my favorite.

More to come! I'm running late!

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