Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chili Yummy Yummy Chili

We were unsure of the name title, and unfortunately still are, but it is between Chili Yummy or Chili Yummy Yummy Chili.  Anyhow, it is a new Chinese restaurant in Iowa city so we decided to give it a try! Why?  It is always more FUN to try new things than to do the same old things over and over again, they advertised bubble tea on the outside, and I heard good things.

We arrive around six thirty with a party of six.  There is one table (for four) so we decide to take it.  The menu has over 100 items including pork blood, black fungus, and we discovered they served ALL parts of the chicken in different forms.  This was going to be an adventure.

After fifteen minutes we finally we able to order our drinks and received miniature water glasses.  They were so cute! After ordering bubble tea, they said they did not have it despite that it was printed out the door as one of the main items served at the restaurant. O well.  We decided to make some orders.  We stayed away from the bloody animal parts and all wrote our orders on the menu.  Then the lady fell and everyone who worked there clamored around as if the sky had fallen.  I actually felt like I WAS IN CHINA.  Chili Yummy was unlike any previous Chinese restaurant I have ever been to.

One by one our orders came out over a forty five minute period.  Each time it would be a new surprise!! For six of us we had six sets of chop sticks and two forks.  Most of us resorted to eating with our hands and sharing the forks.  Whoever looked like they needed it the most got the fork.  The tiny water cups were not cute anymore.  Our mouths were burning with hotness and thankfully Alissa invented an ice cube chap stick to help them cool down. Phew!

Some of the food looked like this:

Pork bun (some special meals were served in the wooden houses)

Nicole's fried twist bread.  It tasted like a funnel cake with no sugar.


Even though the people working at Chili Yummy seemed to have zero experience running a restaurant they were very nice and kept asking us if we liked it.  Then they would get so excited when we said we did! It was a lot of fun and a GREAT EXPERIENCE.

After we all thought of one thing we liked best and we came up with some great reasons! The rice was good, it was a lot of fun, it was a good cultural experience, and we had fun! Yay for Chili yummy

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  1. I just laughed out loud. Such a happy time!! :) :)