Monday, February 7, 2011

The best.

It's funny how the best of life comes when you can never plan it.  This weekend involved so many random surprises that all ended up being wonderful.

When in need of some goodness to do!- Cut a friends hair and style it and donate it to locks of love, give free friend massages, watch tv shows or movies that you have not in so long!

Listen to songs that were so great ten years ago and STILL are!

Like..... Meet Virgina (Train), Wonderful (Everclear), or The Joker (Steve Miller Band).

Go to the theaters to see a matinee! You are not too busy.  JUST DO IT.  I saw Blue Valentine.  It was really GOOD, but also really depressing.  It makes you really see both sides of marriage.

I think my favorite part of the weekend was going to my friend Megan's for a dinner party.  I had no expectations and just got to really laugh more than I have in a while.  I felt at peace. And I know this is not always possible.  It is rarely ever possible. BUT SOMETIMES. Some rare times, we get to feel so alive and free and eat tons of cookies and not feel guilty at all-- just nourished with laughter and sugar :)

Not to mention the unexpected great company from people I did not even know.  Crazy how we are created to live with each other... loving one another and sharing in goodness.

The last part was a good run.  I had not had that good of a run from weeks, months? And it was so Blessed.  Even if I do not again for a while, it was 13 miles of bliss.  Running with the wind at my back with the sun shining and I just felt like an animal striding and running forever.  Isaiah says "What is God?" To God we are as small as grasshoppers.  I felt like a grasshopper just hopping endlessly in celebration of the Father. It was love.

And today it is cold. I had to wake up at six thirty, and I feel human.  But I know that for the times that are bad God will reward us with his goodness if we wait patiently.

The end.

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