Saturday, March 12, 2011

And I'm just laying on the couch....

This weekend was the NCAA track and field indoor meet in Texas.

First off I wanna give a shout out to K-flo my sis' the fastest freshman, Bethany- Iowas only point scorer and an all american, and the rest of ma homies.

Second. Please watch the races.  I am just amazed at the talent and it was so much fun!

Live coverage of message boards and interviews....


And yeah.  I have been known to be a creep and ask for people's autographs. I maybe did one time to Jordan Hasay.... but no regrets now- I hope I kept it!

Personally I took the liberty to take a day of no running and making and eating the girl scout cookies below... watching the meet made me wish I was there, and was perhaps the motivation I needed! Though it was a nice relaxing day as well.

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