Friday, March 4, 2011

A homemade wonder and a guilty pleasure

So a couple weeks ago I bought yeast.  About every other day I would look up a bread recipe and then become intimidated because I get scared to make things I have never made before.  So I would just bookmark it and close my computer.  Then I decided I was going to do it.  I made the bread! I found a recipe called "Artisan" bread.  It it actually wonderful! I had to create a dutch oven by heating a pot with a lid and then cooking the bread inside the mini oven that was in the big oven. It was total a twenty four hour process with all the dough rising and such.  But this is what it looks like!

Also. This is the one thing I can never resist.  I think I may like it more than chocolate and  it is my guilty pleasure and when I have the chance I put so much of it on any type of bread.  Bread and muffins are naked without this artery clogging cholesterol rising wonder.


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