Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best of Des Moines Part Two: Restaurants and Coffee shops

Well these are my favorites at least...

Best for lunch/dinner:

-La Mie, Adong for Vietmanese, Proof for lunch, Alba, Lucca... the Art center has a great cafe!

Best for coffee or tea:

- Gong Fu tea ( I hope to someday try all their teas! they also have a great seating area where you can sit on the floor and drink from your teapot :)))

Some other great local spots: Zanaibars, Mars Cafe, Smokey Row, and Java Joes!

Other noteable mentions: there are some great restaurants in Beaverdale such as Flarahs, lots of great eats on ingersoll and downtown (and I am sure there are some in suburbia also... I just do not go to them..)

I have also noticed that when I am at home my blogging increases by an exponential amount


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  1. I want to adventure in Des Moines even more now! The chances of this place being my home for part of the summer is ever increasing. Also, I vote yes to dying your hair cause it looks really lovely. I'll dye part of mine teal with ya.