Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Bash

So... my friends are really awesome. I decided to throw myself a birthday party and then they added all the best parts! 

Waking up to a clean house and some happiness.

An indoor French picnic with san pelligrino, fine cheeses, french loaves, and other great things!

The most wonderful birthday chocolate coconut cake ever! Complete with sparklers for candles! (I would do this part outside if you have temperamental smoke alarms)

The KEWLEST decorations.

Personalized wine bottle flower holders (Betsy's Bar/Iowa/March 24, 1990)

And some beautiful beautiful daisies :).

Thank you Megan Ranegar, Mckenzie Melander, JAckie Laesch, and all of my most amazing friends for this great birthday party! But most importantly for all the LOVE.

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