Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yesterday I watched an awesome documentary, "Happy" that details and compares global happiness. It was so wonderful! Especially when I had the windows open in March and a bowl of homemade from the food and craft fiend Megs!

Things I learned from the film:

There is no such thing as pleasure without pain. SO TRUE. Nothing that has ever come easily has brought an incredible amount of joy.

When we focus more on others and community it creates the switch from focusing on what we don't have to focusing on what we do have and can share with others.

The act of being with another human can be equally as beneficial as taking a drug to help increase dopamine production!


People who count their blessings once a week are happier

Things to practice for happiness: Intentional acts of kindness, compassion towards others, showing others they are loved by God, having new experiences, and surrounding yourself with others to share your life with.

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