Monday, April 16, 2012


Whatever you want to call her, she is my best friend. The one I dreamed about having when I was five. And she is awesome! This post is to shout out for the world to know about this girl and all she's doin!

M Rannie has done more in a year than some people (myself) have done ever! For example:

Started Healthy Hawks (a farm to school nutrition education program) which included donations, MJK, compliance, calls, farmer's markets, cooking, stakeholders, recipes, farmers, real food, elementary schools, MJK, signing forms, getting volunteers, MJK, awareness, fundraisers, kids, annnd MJK? And IT WORKED. (because she rawkz).

After that she decided to work really really hard and pr in everything on the track by outrageous amounts of time (almost 40 seconds in the 5k!).  Hellz to the yes! I don't know why she wants to be my friend so badly.

Then one day a couple weeks ago she told me she was bored and signed up for a internship with Sprouts in Berkley, California this summer. I didn't really believe her until she nonchalantly told me she was hired and going there after a skype interview.  I am pretty sure this company works with Jamie Oliver, Michael Pollen, etc. I'm pretty sure Berkeley is the coolest place in the country. DUH.

Check it out:

So this was just several weeks.  Not to mention these best friend attributes:

Cooks the best meal in Iowa City
knows how to shop at a thrift store
likes her coffee the exact same way as I do
likes almost everything the same way I do
participates in massage exchanges
hung out with famous people in a loft in iowa city
has the most muscular calves on God's green earth
has a giant big smile that includes not having to remove wisdom teeth
lets people ride four across in the Buick
is the most awesomest penpal
has the most awesome taste in music, and literature, and film
can do anything and everything. 4 realz.

there's more. But i'll stop


French picnics

Tea parties errr day

Going to pridefest and a 'circus'

In the words of Mindi Kaling:

“We never needed best friend gear because I guess with real friends you don't have to make it official. It just is.” 


  1. oh my gosh. I'm blushing so hard. how do I even deserve to have the best people on Earth in my life? it's incredible.

  2. I love megann!!! This post it great