Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Fall is the absolute greatest time of the year. I just feel most alive and the air is so fresh and it makes it joyful just to even breathe and be outside.  The wind is beautiful, the eerie nights and enchanting, and the colors and briskness make things pretty great.  Also...

running weather is best in the fall (This is TOTALLY what I look like when I am running)

Everything is pumpkin and so great! Whether it is pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin colored things, or carving pumpkins does not matter- it is all great!

Also Halloween is in the fall! It is also my favorite holiday although I think only my favorite because it is in the fall and I associate all the good smells and weather with it.  None the less- it is coming up!

Also also also! I can not forget the beautiful trees that are everywhere.  Sometimes I just lay beneath them when I have extra time before class.  I also love just staring at them, letting the leaves fall on me, crunching the leaves, smelling the trees, and being overcome with awe.  Thank you trees!

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