Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So today I was strolling through the ped mall trying to procrastinate studying for my anatomy test even further.  When all of the sudden I see RAYGUN (the self-proclaimed "greatest store in the universe") but I was so excited! And I did not even know there was one coming to Iowa city so that made it all the more exciting for me. It is right next to Giavanni's and the moen group.

Also then I was walking further and I saw my favorite dairy queen worker! I did not want to say hi because we have never interacted outside of dairy queen, but he makes ultra super blizzards with an extreme amount of extra toppings at no charge.

Check it out yoooo ( shirts from RAYGUN!!!)

Des Moines: Hell Yes!

Iowa City: All our Creativity went into the name.

ALSO. Even though I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the DQ at the bottom of the hill because it is the best one in the world.  The BEST BEST icecream in iowa city is dane's dairy. Unfortunately we did not go until the last weekend of the season and now have to wait until March when it opens on my 21st birthday! Phooey. But Last time we got blackberry softserve and it was fabulous and i got vanilla wafers and coconut in it. Shyummy.

The end.

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