Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today was just a day.

Today I woke up feeling anxious.  I realized that is just how you feel somedays.

But it was not a bad day.  I felt so happy that the sun was shining so much and I got to eat a honeycrisp apple and I found three dollars in my backpack this morning and then I found out I could buy 3 bagels! That was exciting.  My coffee was also good today and I got to have an easy run.  So it was a good day.

 I realized sometimes I will just feel anxious and there is nothing I can do to control that except for pray.  The feeling is not from God and not from myself, but just a feeling that I sometimes feel.  I am a human. Dur. Then I felt kind of anxious the whole day.  I felt bad because it was such a beautiful and free day with little obligations and I spent almost the entire day just itching in my skin.  But it is okay because it was just a day and now it is almost over.

Things I am still excited for in the rest of the day!

Going to Leaf Kitchen with Megan! It is supposed to be really good and have all local ingredients AND be affordable.  Really? Why have I not been there? BECAUSE YOU ARE A FOOL. So now I get to!

Also there are two COMPLETE HOURS of good television on nbc tonight.  Dream big Betsy.

Dream BIG.

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