Thursday, December 23, 2010


We got a tree yesterday three days before christmas.  Since we waited this long there were only the short trees with pine needle branches left.  Fortunately we prefer to have a charlie brown looking tree.  It stops about 4 feet before reaching the ceiling.  I hope that this year I can really focus on the true joy of Christmas which is the birth of Christ.  I am really guilty of getting all caught up in the consumption of material and food around this time of year when the celebration is so much more meaningful than this! I feel really thankful to be able to come home to a family who shows such great love and I hope I can practice the love of Christ towards others this season- I know I have really been shown it!

Jesus is born!


  1. Haha thats funny about your tree. :) hope you have a good Christmas!

  2. This is nice. I was just feeling really bitter and selfish and then I read this and remembered that it isn't all about me. It is kind of freeing actually. Merry Christmas :)