Thursday, December 23, 2010


So yesterday a person told me about the "ten day cleanse." I had never heard of the thing, but I guess you are supposed to eat all natural foods for ten days.  This means no sugar or caffeine or carbs and such.  I guess if you make it ten days your body had shed out all of the toxins and waste.  Since it is impossible for me to do the ten day cleanse and continue running I decided I am going to try a modified cleanse where I am still going to eat foods that I need to have energy from.  It is my understanding that the purpose of the cleanse is not to lose any weight because you can eat as large of quantities of food as you would like, it is more from physical and mental renewal!

Day one of the cleanse:

Extreme headache lasting from nine am to one pm because I had not been without coffee in the morning anytime in the past two years.
A great feeling of nausea and like I was going to throw up at one point.
Lots of fiber= lots of, well, you know, cleansing.

Anyhow day one has been a little rough, but I hear by day 5 the cleansing begins to take effect! I wish for the toxins from my innards to be gone!

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