Monday, December 27, 2010

Good things about running when it is very cold.

-Your eyelashes look kind of pretty when there is frost on them- snow queen!
- you get get strengthen feet and leg muscles that you would never use in any other situation.
-you get to wear many layers of clothes that you never use.
-you feel warm for the rest of the day.
- you feel so much faster when winter is over
- you can wear shorts when its thirty degrees because it feels like a heat wave.
- you barely sweat and don't feel as compelled to shower.
- warm drinks are all the more appreciated afterwards.
- you have rosy cheeks
-your shoes stay clean b/c there is no dirt
- you can re wear clothes for several days
- you get smart wool for christmas
-it brings people together
-you feel accomplished
- you get to have very porcelain colored skin that all other runners envy when you put on your track uniform


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