Thursday, December 2, 2010

December baby

Winter has arrived fiercely.  Monday we were running in shorts and now all of the sudden I have to wear many layers and my body works much harder to maintain a normal temperature than to run quickly.  I do not so much enjoy the cold in any way.  However there are many goodness things that cold brings.  For example, in the winter it is the most wonderful thing just to cuddle in bed or drink tea or have soup or feel warmth for minimal periods of time.  Fires seem really special and Christmas lights make me feel joyful

I wish my house looked like this:

However, it does not and never will.  I think this light display is also extremely wasteful and harmful to the environment but still it would be nice to have just for a moment.

I also miss the sunshine.  Sometimes when I see it peaking out I try to stand in it for as long as possible and then it usually disappears again within seconds- however will I obtain vitamin d if I am not receiving it from the greatest supplier?!?! come on mr. sun

On a great note- I watched Bridget Jones's diary yesterday in the middle of the day instead of doing any sort of productive work and it was glorious.  I loved every moment of the movie and hope to get the second one soon. Thank you public library.

Hopeful idears for this month- make gingerbread houses, see the nutracker, watch nonstop xmas movies and listen to music, drink lots of hot cranberry draaaaank and tea, stay warm, NOT DIE OF FROSTBITE, share love with lots and lots of amigas and amigos!!! yeeeaaay!

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