Monday, January 24, 2011

Green bites in IC!!!

Places to eat in Iowa City that use local ingredients! (Click on the name to be directed to the websites!)



The Motley Cow serves food that reflects the seasons and the weather.  We change our menu regularly to represent the local products available to us.  Knowing our sources personally gives us confidence in the quality of each ingredient and the method with which it was raised.  During the summer harvest, we source about 85% of our vegetables from Johnson County.  We use local beef, lamb and pork as frequently as possible to assure humane conditions for the animals, living wages for their caretakers, and responsible proprietorship of the land.  We use local products to minimize the carbon emissions of our deliveries.  We use local products to support the agricultural heritage of Iowa and Johnson County.
DEVOTAY was also voted best local restaurant. : 00.Our locavore readers are devoted to dining at Devotay. They love the fact that the “fresh, innovative, and soul-satisfying” food on their plate is supporting the farmers in their community. As one voter put it, “They not only talk the talk of eating locally grown, they walk the walk.” Even the farmers can’t say enough good things about this restaurant: “As a local producer, Devotay is very easy to work with.

Also Short's burgers uses all Iowa beef! annnnd do not 
ever forget the Leaf kitchen who has the best Chef in 

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  1. love love love. have you been to devotay yet? I haven't, nor the red avocado. Shall we?