Thursday, January 6, 2011


So aside from coffee and seeing my AWESOME SIS, there have been a FEW other cool things about Seattle so far.


SAM (Seattle art museum) one of only several to house picasso's exhibit

I think one of my favorite things was the chinese description of tea time.  The museum was extremely cultural with artifacts from china, africa, and a large exhibit about the native americans from washington. 

The Rikyu people describe the tea hut as allowing for an aesthetic experience each time they have tea.  They use all five senses every time and prepare for an extraordinary experience that has never happened in the past and will never happen again.

I really enjoyed the museum and it allowed for me to have what the Rikyu have when they drink tea.  I then went to the Frye art museum though only one exhibit was currently being shown.  It is free to the public and pretty amazing because all of the pieces on show used to be in the home of the Frye couple from Seattle.  They must have had quite the home.  This was one of my favorites... I think it is called "Shepardess."

Following I noticed the St. James Basilica was right aside the museum. It was one of the most beautiful churches.
Finally I was completely exhausted.  I had only been walking for several hours but I suppose  I was not used to it! I found elliot bay books and immediately fell in love.  It was my favorite book shop I have ever been too and they had my favorite tea! (Jasmine pearls green tea!).  It was nice to slow down and hear the silence while looking at books.
And now I am completely exhausted! Katie has just finished class so my time alone exploring Seattle is finished.  I hope she is up for some relaxation at the Chambered Nautilus B&B.

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