Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome to the working week

- "o i know it don't kill you I hope it don't thrill you...." thanks elvis costello

So classes begun this week and after being already behind in every class I decided to start in on some homework tonight (as you can see I am being productive extraordinaire!)  I read for my global health and global foods course and was really startled to find some things out.

- almost half the people in the world are hungry (even 12% in the US do not know where their next meal will come from)
- There is a surplus of food and not a shortage, the price is just too high
- hungry people in Haiti make food out of mud and oil- a cake
- it is not the increased eating of meat by people in China and India that is causing issues, it is the amount of grain we feed to maintain our large scale farming operations.  To ensure meat production the meat being produced uses up a large amount of our resources
- barely any of the corn or soy in iowa can actually be eaten
- most of the starving people are women, or children

Anyhow, not to get all political- I hope this was not political! But I was just amazed at some of these things especially how many people are starving when there is enough food! I hope I can find out more about what can be done.  Meanwhile some local peeps that are making a difference...

New Pioneer Coop uses local produce and foods that were harvested on small scale farms and in sustainable manners- worth the extra buck

Also the friends of the Iowa City farmers market and all the surrounding farmers markets in the area! Plus its super fun to go and get some free samples and hear music and just really enjoy yourself while seeing how passionate people are about the produce and crafts they created

Also!!!  A good place to volunteer is local foods harvest or either of the above!

To come:  Green places to dine in Iowa City : )

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