Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starbucks in Seattle

So coming to Seattle I knew I would be in for a treat regarding coffee, but I had no idea the starbucks domination that occurred here!

First I went to the busiest starbucks in the nation:

Then I went to the first STarbucks ever!

And I think between these I have probably seen about twenty other starbucks coffee shops.  As much as I love caribou it does not stand a chance in this town!

I thought the busiest was the largest as well but then I discovered that was in Seoul Korea! Shoot.

Some other things I learned about Starbucks coffee:
-it is the largest coffee company in the world with 17,000 stores in 50 countries
-it is based out of pike's place market in Seattle (I just went there!!)
-Starbucks was named after "Starbuck," captain Ahab's first mate in moby dick
-Starbo is also a turn of the century mining company in mt. ranier, wash.
- the logo was recently modified but is still a siren named "norse", the logo used to show her two fish tails as well
- the company uses fair trade products and hopes to soon be using all recycled cups

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