Thursday, December 15, 2011

Caffeine Award Distributions.

Good Strong Coffee.

So it being finals week and all I've the had the chance to drinks lots of coffee as well as evaluate the finest of Iowa City and surrounding areas. The Top three picks are:

1. Wake Up Iowa City
The clear winner.  It doesn't get much better than $1 coffee, handpicked fairtrade coffee beans, and an atmosphere of community found friends in the best clothing store in town. I can even say I got the awesome "coffee feeling" that usually only first time drinkers experience. Thanks Jarrett Mitchell!

2. Fuel 
This independent (and again fair-trade) niche is hard to beat during finals week. Mount Vernon,  though a bit of a drive, was worth it to escape the craziness of Iowa city during finals week and find a wonderful community!  And what a treat I was in for! Settled in an antique gift shop you are surrounding by an old fashioned feel, but even better are served actual outstanding coffee.  This dive is an awesome secret and far surpassed my expectations.

3. The Java House
I could never leave out the local tradition that I spend so much of my time studying at.  With several Iowa City locations and reliable coffee and staff you always know you are in for something good.  Java house boasts a full brew bar and lots of extra seating.  A community and personal favorite!

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