Friday, December 2, 2011

The Manly Man

If you're at all like me than you know that the hardest person to buy a gift for is your dad (or any man for that matter).  For the past few days I have been contemplating what I ever could get my dad for Christmas that he would want and does not already have.  I went from homemade golf covers, to homemade flies for fishing, to homemade beer (which must be done sometime)!! But all of these included too many supplies for making one single gift.  Thankfully I found some great gifts for the "Man's Man."

Grandpa's pine tar soap

Moonshine (or moonshine cologne at the least!)

The Art of manliness stationery

Other ideas:
Ultimate squat guide- sooo "MANLY". Dads would look good doing this in public....
a coupon book for dad
a quote book of "manly sayings"

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