Monday, December 26, 2011

So so so scandalous (not really)

I don't know why I titled the post that. It has nothing to do with the actual post. Anyways, being on a budget can sometimes really force one to be creative and handmade.  Christmas this year was the perfect opportunity to get inspired! I also really like homemade gifts because they are so thoughtful and unique.

My sister Kate has dabbled into the weary morning hours to finish knitting masterpieces for us all. I was personally amazed by her skills while I struggle just to make a basic scarf...

For Katie I made this...

 into this:

It was actually fairly simple! I just inflated the photo, cut, traced, and painted onto canvas! The hardest part is being very careful when cutting the picture out or painting inside the lines. Most importantly don't rush those parts. Other than that it was easy!

And finally for Mama I just painted on canvas and modge podged some photos and a quote and Wa La!

I would say Christmas was a success! I hope this gifts could inspire you, but I would also love more ideas! And I will never complain about a couple purchased gifts either... food processor, smart wool socks, plane ticket to Seattle. Geesh how grateful I should be!

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