Thursday, February 16, 2012


There were a lot of good things that came with the day.
Megs and I made some awesome butternut squash curry soup. And the sun was out and made me smile on my trip to Aldi to get these beauties:

 my dear Mimi thought since I have black hair now I also needed lots of temporary tattoos of dragons and the sorts.  This meant I got a package in the mail! WAHOO! And I was inspired to draw a heart on my knee as a possible first tattoo. Thoughts?

Then, once all the excitement calmed down I got WAY too excited for Saturday (a day without a meet or practice or school or anything. These only come once or twice a month.) So I made this:

Which includes going to see this:

And I didn't even mention my awesome run, having crazy sock day, and wearing a neon pink scrunchie. How the Lord has blessed this day!

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  1. Today was so great! I'm glad your day was awesome too!!!