Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I will be the first to admit that much of what happens on Valentine's day is legitimate cause for nausea and serious eye rolls, but in lieu of the season I have tried to take a step back and really focus on the LOVE that is all around us. 

I am in LOVE with the adorable old lady who goes on 'run walks' every morning.
I am in LOVE with the beautiful big snow flakes that weren't accompanied by bitter cold.
I am in LOVE with Jesus!
I LOVE that my friend is from Germany and brought me back awesome coffee.
I LOVE eating lots of vegetables and real food from the earth.
I am VERY IN LOVE with all the beautiful wonderful people that are in my life.
I LOVE the idea of faith, hope, and strength.
I LOVE opportunity.
I (actually even surprisingly) LOVE Iowa.
I LOVE picnics.
I LOVE massages with my best friend in the attic.
I LOVE space heaters.
I LOVE being surrounded by strangers and feeling connected.
I LOVE that everyone is unique and different colors and sizes and habits.
I LOVE tea and tea parties.
I LOVE summertime and wintertime and fall and spring.
I LOVE my heart leggings.
I LOVE tattoos (even though I don't have one).
I LOVE new experiences and recreating old ones.
I LOVE the gift of running and pushing yourself and becoming a better person.

There is so much about love to celebrate. And so much love to love!

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  1. I'm seriously obsessed with this post. It's awesome.