Tuesday, May 29, 2012

kind of a poem, kind of not

things are not always right
a lot the worst person ends up on the top 
and we all fall off the deep end
and try to live but don't know how

it's good
because hard things make better people
and suffering allows for greater joy
from smaller things.

and we find humility
and realize that we are really not that important
but just part of a field of grass
and it all blows grows and lives and dies.

we weren't created for here
and the joy is but fleeting.
we can find though in hope and love
and the love is all that matters

we ask God for things we know will hurt a lot
and we live in ways without counting the cost
but the days just keep coming
and the shepherd is always watching over the flock

i think i don't know anything
but that the wisdom of the world is complete shit
but we know how to hope and we know how to pray
so we should be fine for today

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