Thursday, May 17, 2012


It wasn't until my third trip to Madison that I actually SAW Madison.  It was the most amazing place, and I thrived on the opportunity to make a track meet into a vacation.

My favorite things:

The local gem, Michelangelo's coffee that was recommended by the hotel shuttle driver.

The hotel shuttle driver: What an inspiring man! He was a musician from Madison that drove the shuttle around to earn enough money to follow his dreams.  He travels around the world to play music and just do what he really loves.  I want to be like him.

Downtown Madison. a wonderful time!

The jean studded shorts I splurged on at Urban Outfitters. They may be worn every day of summer.

And the track meet was lots of fun too! And great to finally feel like myself again. being patient was just turning into being depressed! This is what the sky looked like before the 10k.

I would be really okay with going back there.

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