Friday, April 22, 2011

A couple things

1.) Zombie prom ROCKED

It also happened to be during a FULL MOON!!! 

2.) Today was WONDERFUL.

hints for a blissful Friday: do not have class, wake up and get free coffee at Starbucks because of earth day, bake bread, bake buttermilk raisin bran muffins while the bread rises, put bread in oven, bake croutons while bread cooks, run for only thirty minutes, go to HER SOUP KITCHEN, apply for a job at her soup kitchen, take a bath, take a shower.  

LAY. DON'T DO HOMEWORK. Go to starbucks again but get free tea this time. Go to goodwill and white rabbit for some awesome thrift shopping. LAY. LAY LAY. AH!

Bread recipe @ 


My Herb plant for extra flavor in the bread

A Successful summer dress found while thrifting!

The end.


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