Saturday, April 23, 2011

I saw the sun

This morning I woke up and it looked like this:

I felt so inspired that I started crying.
After I was done I wrote a poem.

How long since I have let you have me?
I tingle and shudder because it's You who is behind all my true joy.
You are the spring sun that rescues from days
of bitter heart, bitter complacency, bitter mind.
You are the mother's hug of warm vanilla and lavender Tide 
that comforts from the scratches after no training wheels.
You are the ankle birthmark, nose freckle, leg wrinkles
that are unique on every single soul.

I run away; 
unable to submit.
Uncomfortable, forcing, driving, awkward, painful, miserable
I can do it on my own.
I can make burnt toast and bitter coffee.
I can spend hundreds of dollars on things 
that try to cause feelings.
I can even make words powerful enough to bring them down.

Coiled up in a ball; face wet.
Doing everything I can do;
And so day after day,
you rescue me from myself.

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