Sunday, April 24, 2011

well isn't that just lovely

Things I wanted to blog about:

The University of Iowa has a student run garden through the environmental coalition.  Meetings are Tuesday at 8 pm at the public library. YAY.

I applied for ten jobs! I hope I get one. Suggestions??

I got a new laundry basket today at Artifacts. Then I put flowers in it.  These kind of baskets are great for laundry and can be found at your local thrift for around $5

Also a cool craft! We had our banquet today and I had forever been wondering what to do with my old canning jars! Check it out!

DIY! Steps:
1. save old jars from pasta sauce/peanut butter/etc
2. Wash them very thoroughly! It can be hard to get the stickiness off!
3. Find some pictures and cover them with plastic (I used plastic paper covers and cut them up, but if you have access lamination would work better!)
4. Get some double sided tape or guerilla glue and slab it on real GOOD.
5. Wala! Finished! Just add some flowers or M&Ms and receive instant gratification

1 comment:

  1. I want to comment on your last three posts but I'll make a mass comment on this one.
    1. I love your DIY project!
    2. I wish we had a clothes line to go with that awesome laundry basket
    3. your poem is very pretty
    4. Diggin the beet garden
    5. You are so good at running and baking bread